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Following is my letter to prospective buyers of homes in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, California. My letter is designed to let people know that now is a very good time to buy a second home or a permanent residence, because prices here are expected to increase substantially, and soon. The letter suggests that now is a great time to buy, before the new L.A. Rams players and other personnel buy up the existing inventory. Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach are the most desirable cities in Southern California, and they are located near where the new Rams stadium will be built in Inglewood. Here is the letter:


The Rams personnel will soon be looking for homes to buy in L.A. County, and some with the financial means to re-locate in affluent areas will choose Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach, because of the close proximity to Inglewood and because of the desirable area. Other than those two cities being very desirable places to live (especially Manhattan), the property appreciation rate has been among the highest in California. So these two cities are relatively very good investment areas.


My purpose for writing is to see if you might be interested in buying a second home (like a weekend getaway), a primary home, or an investment property in either city, before the Rams players and staff gobble up the low inventory. It is expected that the Rams and other buyers will be aggressively buying soon after Super Bowl Sunday. Because of the holidays buyers have been idle, but that has caused a pent up demand which will break loose soon. When buyers hit the market in another month or two prices are expected to increase. No guarantee of course, but since demand here is almost always greater than supply (because of the desirable area and scarcity of land) prices will likely increase substantially. Based on that educated prediction, buying any kind of property in either beach city will be a wise and profitable investment.


An interesting fact is that many homeowners in these two cities are ready to sell, but they won’t sell at this time because they “know” they will receive a larger windfall if they delay selling for as long as possible. That is one reason the inventory is so low. Meanwhile, many are earning more money from their increasing property values than from their salaries.


If you are interested I will do these things for you:


       + Help you find a good deal on a condo, townhouse, SFR, or duplex in a desirable location.


       + Try to drive down the list price to where it will be a very good deal.


       + Be sure there is no mistake in the selection of a home and location.(I know every neighborhood, inventory,               and property value like the backs of my hands).


Please let me know if you are interested. If so, I will be glad to show you a few properties in your desired price range. Meanwhile, if you like, I will email a list of homes with details, photos, and precise location maps. Scroll down for photos and videos of the area.


Kind regards,


Flavia Brown                                                 


BRE #01729313                                                       310-961-1300 (cell/text)

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3 Leaf Realty, Inc.                                             

1716 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Unit A               

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


P.S. My website shows 195 photos of the oceanfront homes, The Strand, and the pristine beaches. Also, under BLOG are five videos. Please click on them to become familiar with these two awesome cities.




The following videos will introduce you to Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach: " target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">



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