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Proposal to fsbos

July 19,2022 | Posted By Flavia Brown in Real Estate
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Please read my proposal. Thank you.

The real estate market is changing. Property values are declining and interest rates continue increasing. What does that mean to sellers? It means that sellers should do whatever it takes to sell at the highest price possible, and sell quickly before prices decline further and more buyers have qualifying issues.
If you think you won't sell as high as you want, now is the time to take advantage of a seasoned Realtor with a track record of getting homes sold at higher than fair market value and list prices.

After reading this, and if it will be in your best interest, I will list your home and get it sold within three weeks at a selling price high enough to exceed your asking price and your closing costs. Probably much higher because I know how to attract many buyers and generate multiple offers. The more buyers attracted the higher the selling price will be.

In order to accomplish this and meet the three-week deadline, I will need to be very aggressive with my strong and effective marketing program that reaches more than 35,000 Los Angeles County Realtors and brokers, hundreds of investors, and get the listing on more than 100 real estate portals and websites. It will require spending a lot of money, so I will need to list your home with a 5% broker fee , which is split four ways. Half goes to the buyer’s broker and agent and half goes to my broker and me. The other reason for 5% is that the 2.5% will attract more real estate agents representing buyers than if the listing was at 4%.

By me taking over the selling job you will be free of all hassles, like your family’s safety, dealing with strangers going through your home, worrying about strangers stealing personal items, qualifying buyers, doing the paperwork correctly, promoting your home, understanding every contract paragraph, analyzing offers and counteroffers, preparing all state-mandated seller disclosures, avoiding legal issues, and hosting open houses if you like.

Selling a home is serious business, so nobody can afford to foul up. My transactions run smoothly and problem-free, partly because I have an exceptionally talented transaction coordinator (TC) and a partner with 26 years of real estate experience. During the past 17 years as a Realtor and 254 closed escrows, I never had a complaint and I have a perfect record with the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). 

Please contact me via phone, text, or email with any questions. I will be proud to be your Realtor, and my goal will be to help you make as much money as possible and guide you through the entire selling process, including running a smooth and problem-free transaction.

Flavia Brown

P.S. My website contains more than 50 informative real estate-related blog posts. Visit, click "Blog" and scroll down.


Flavia did an exceptional job of getting my duplex sold, and found a 6-plex to complete a 1031 exchange transaction, all on time t...
- John Baker


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